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4 Suits Spider Solitaire

Rating 5.0 (votes: 1)
Computer spider solitaire with 4 suits is an exact copy of the real-life card game. It’s played with four decks: 104 cards with 26 cards of each suit. This game has almost a century-long history. Nowadays it’s a joyful and entertaining card quiz that helps you to develop your logic and gaming skills.


Rules of four suit version doesn’t differ much from one or two suits. During the game, you shall notice the consequent cards and form columns from King to Ace. The column is completed when there are 13 cards of the same suit in the correct consequence. To win the game you shall collect cards into 8 columns.


If you play online, you can also find Spider Solitaire with fewer suits. However, only the 4-suit game is the most realistic simulator of the real-life solitaire. Such a game is the hardest spider variation. It works great to develop critical thinking and patience. That’s why, it can be recommended for players of all ages, including kids and elderly people.