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Best Spider Solitaire

Rating 5.0 (votes: 1) Play in Fullscreen

Description and rules

This classic solitaire game is a real challenge even for experienced players. This card quiz will require all your attention to win. There are three levels of difficulty. The levels differ by the number of card suits. Choose one suit if you want your game to be easier or choose 4 suits if you are ready for a hard mode.

You can switch the sounds and hints off or on before the game is started. Moreover, you can choose one over 14 card backs and change them anytime without losing game results.

While the main aim is similar to Arkadium Spider Solitaire and consists in collecting consequences of cards, you shall also pay attention to a number of points you get. Time of a game, bonuses and points are shown on the main screen. If you want to improve your result, getting more points, try to play faster and avoid making unnecessary moves.