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    Bliss Solitaire has lots of extra options that you will not find anywhere ...

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    Looking for a simple yet interesting game? The Original Spider Solitaire ...

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Old Version Spider Solitaire

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Description and rules

Spider solitaire is a timeless entertainment that has been popular for generations. That’s why the old version of the game is just as interesting as new variations. This online realization reflects the rules of the original game and gives you a feeling you play a real-life solitaire.

You can choose a number of suits for your game before playing. The developers created three game modes with different levels of difficulty. The easiest mode with a single suit is perfect for new players and children. You can also choose a mode with two or even four suits if you are keen on playing solitaire.

The game design is simple but pleasantly-looking. The game producers created dark natural colors for the game background. You will also appreciate great sound effects that can be muted when necessary.