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Flash Spider Solitaire

Rating 5.0 (votes: 1) Play in Fullscreen

Description and rules

This card game is a well-crafted simulator of the popular spider solitaire based on flash technology. Before starting the game, you can choose the level of its difficulty. Easy level means you are dealing with one card suit only, medium level offers a quiz with two suits and the hard one challenges you with a four-suit game.

The rules are similar to the original real-life and AARP spider solitaire. You have to collect cards of the same suit in a column of 13 cards starting from King. As soon as the column is formed, it disappears and you get +100 points to your scores. You can see your scores and number of moves on the screen.

This game has a minimalistic, yet classy design. The developers used traditional casino theme for this game, choosing beautiful green and goldish colors for the main screen.