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    How do they play Spider Solitaire in China? No doubts, old good solitaire ...

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    Have you ever missed the old good classic solitaire game? If yes, we have ...

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    Classic solitaire is a basic card game that is incredibly popular all ...

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Open Spider Solitaire

Rating 5.0 (votes: 1) Play in Fullscreen

Description and rules

This great 4-suit solitaire game is a perfect choice for gamers of any age. Elegant design with soothing colors and plain lines looks well in a full-screen format. The interface is a bit old-fashioned, however, it only adds some special charm to the game.

Navigation is smooth and comfortable. It helps to make the game more dynamic. You can control the time of gaming, looking at the timer near to the game panel. The task is not easy as in Basic Spider, however, you can always use the ‘Help’ button to remind the rules. You can ask for a tip, clicking on the ‘Next tip’ button. There is also the ‘Undo’ button that is helpful when you want to cancel your latest moves.